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No More Heroes - The Soundtrack to my Teenage Years

Released in September 1977, No More Heroes the second LP from the Stranglers made a profound impact on me on it's first listen. Having just turned 15 years of age this album and the follow up Black & White were the soundtrack to my angry teenage years.

The aggression of the music and the lyrics seeped into my very being. The hooks, the shock of Bring On The Nubiles, the angst of Something Better Change and sheer brilliance of the title track spoke to me like nothing I'd heard before.

Watching them on TOTP performing No More Heroes was a real seachange from the norm. J.J. Burnel's iconic bass playing and prescence along with Hugh Cornwell's snarling, sardonic vocal and punk attitude sealed the deal.

And it stills feels as fresh today as it did back in '77 like an ice pick that made my ears burn. So like a peasant in the big Shitty, stick your fingers right up your nose it's time to explore and burn up time.

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